Bozidar Damjanovski

Pursuing its specific visual-art researches and taking care of artifacts except for to the “what” exists and “how” Božidar Damjanovski insists on flawless performances. Ten years of work on archaeological excavations, then, on the restoration of the frescoes have resulted in enormous technical and technological experience.

Extraordinary drawer with almost unlimited possibilities in the realization of paintings and the use of new materials and technologies Damjanovski fascinated with ease of the spectacular narratives.

Reducing the number of motif data to the minimum necessary, ideological and stylish cleansing the canvas the artist achieves precision communication liberated essence of narrative. Damjanovski followed with unmistakable sensibility own taste when it comes to the balance between pure and full shape.

Art elements are always dominant on his canvases.

Rare are the and valuable artists like Bozidar Damjanovski: lonely and persistent on his way, unencumbered fashionable “inventions”, articulated thought procede, extremely visual culture and of the large performing skills.

His work incorporated into the real world makes the world richer.


Slobodan T. Rasic