Bozidar Damjanovski

“Art is a metter of taste and limit” words of the painter Nedeljko Gvozdenovic and such a relation towards creativity nurtures his student Božidar Damjanovski … Keep of Gvozdenovic stilled colors: green, brown and blue … remembering smile of his second professor Radenko Misevic, whose gray paintings always seemed warm. In the program of Limit and Taste realizable within the series Art Colony RTS, Damjanovski talking about large format of his paintings, which he likes, but his three decades of creativity is not enough consecrated due to limited financial possibilities, narrow space for work and health problems. Explains his relationship to tradition and the history of art that leans and intervening in their own original way of seeking parallels between the present and the past. Damjanovski wants to know what makes a universal work of art, at the same time contemporary and eternal, and also discovers that for his combination of technique uses the African sands which containing crystals and quartz, or special materials from the American asphalt, of which paintings are sparkling. Crowned the most prestigious awards, popular with critics and audiences, celebrated in New York, Damjanovski decided to live in Belgrade and chose the status of a free artist. With such experience argues that art here is impaired. I personally have the status of honorary artist but I don’t have enough money for drugs, much less expensive for painting materials with which to set out new authors uprisings. The painter Božidar Damjanovski after a long illness dreaming to return large format, which made him famous. Damjanovski is one of the first Serbian painters who were in the gallery making special environments for their work. From the art you can not live, but for art is lived- this is the motto of which adhere to many of our visual artists. One of them is the painter Božidar Damjanovski. One of the first Serbian who were in the gallery making special environments for his works. With paintings inspired by Egypt, done in a combined technique, where the sand has a special place, he exhibited a pyramid of different materials and other items. More than three decades, he did it, like today, to find out what is it that makes a work of art universal and eternal. “All we’re looking for some treasure that some time ago already found, discovered but forgotten,” says Damjanovski. Crowned our renowned awards, popular with critics and audiences, celebrated in New York, he returned to Belgrade, where he gained the status of a prominent artist, but studio never. Modestly and worked hard in a small apartment next to the three children, and because of the dimensions of the canvas he has looked works in its entirety only in the space of the gallery. “Then I was oriented to work only at night, what is left up to date, the owl man”, explains with a laugh Damjanovski. Always in the uncertain status of free artist, for which he says that is worthless, today with a small pension, he regrets that he can not paint a large format, for what is a true master. In the meantime he created. Damjanovski says with himself and with the cosmos. Born 1947. in Skopje, where he finished secondary art school. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (painting in the class of prof. Nedeljko Gvozdenovic) in Belgrade in 1972. Postgraduate studies finished in the same academy in 1975 in the class of professor Radenko Misevic He is a member of ULUS since 1973. He is engaged in painting, drawing and graphics. He lives and works in Belgrade.


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