Bozidar Damjanovski

Damjanovski belonged to a young generation of artists that included Aleksandar Cvetković, Dragan Mojović etc., which was established at the beginning of the eighth decade the balance between new phenomenon related to conceptual art and paintings in the classical sense of the word. In paintings of Bozidar Damjanovski until today has been preserved the parallel relationship and connection with achievements old or classical civilization, which he in his work literally cites, on the one hand, and the other – with the actual meanings and new, sometimes unexpected and startling connections. His art is characterized by an extraordinary technical and refined, perfect materialisation, good knowledge of role models from art history on which it relies and he used as templates for your his compositions, as well as courageous “adoption” of recognizable works put in these contexts.

Brilliant career of Bozidar Damjanovski was disrupt by unfortunate health conditions – with the disease he has been successfully carried even in the most difficult moments of his life and at the same time he never stopped to paint and draw graphics. On the contrary, in spite of a serious health condition, that produced the difficult financial situation, he regularly participated in charity events and so generously helping others in need.

I would like to emphasize that the name Bozidar Damjanovski bright spot on our art scene, both because of the consistency of his artistic practice, and because of the exceptional collegiality, humanity and humility, which is characterized him.


Irina Subotic