Bozidar Damjanovski

… Bozidar Damjanovski we should not represent, nor the exhibition opened, because it is a small institution Serbian contemporary artistic creativity. The man in whose biography is, I do not know how much rewards. They are difficult to count. Many exhibitions. No one seriously Yugoslav and Serbian art is also not representative festivals in which he did not participate.

Therefore, even one of the most important figures.


His painting captivates the attention of professionals and the widest audience. His painting is quite understandable, though in fact it is not. His story or narrative is easily understandable formal. He is still facing to some old civilization topics.

Staring somewhere to Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, to Greece and Byzantium, etc.

And then at one moment, when he thinks he’s playing and tells from history, insert a part of the crude reality, a feather, an act or anything around him to overcome us.

Suddenly, the arc of history takes you back to the present, and tells the story of this time. This makes of course, in a very plastic, convincing way. The way that is interesting for, and that is the point of his success and his mobility to go anywhere to go, in a professional s areas and with us experts.

He won anyway and respectable “Politika” award, even in 1981. This is one of many that I remember.

Briefly, there is lot to see. Every meeting with Bozidar Damjanovski is simply a way to be more generous and better, and therefore socialize with his paintings …

From the Foreword for a solo exhibition, Cultural Center – 1994 JPC


Nikola Kusovac