Bozidar Damjanovski

Bozidar Damjanovski bgd 08 01 85

Emergency Draza Pavlovic 5 Belgrade

My opinion about you STOP in short STOP not much changed STOP from exhibition in the salon MSU STOP for which you deserved the Politika Award in 1982 STOP Then you reminded me at the great archaeologists STOP like Schliemann and Evans STOP While they dug up Troy and Mycenae Knossos STOP you are resurrected by painting mystery of megaliths STOP Stonehenge 1977 STOP Canonical beauty greco roman sculptures STOP Test with Apollo 1979 STOP Stylized monumentalism of Assyrian bas-relief STOP Asyrbanipal`s hunting 1980 STOP baffling magnificence of Egyptian wall painting in shallow plastic  STOP Zodiac 1981 STOP Today I recognize in you Champollion STOP who finally got hold the Rosetta stone STOP Deciphered hieroglyphics STOP and with the stubborn persistence decided STOP to have them all translated into a language accessible to all STOP Art esperanto STOP You became a passionate Egyptologist amateur STOP Your idea of a continuous line STOP a small picture of the same format STOP grouped by cycles STOP reminds us of a horizontal printed papyrus STOP with hieroglyphs of changed meanings STOP which talk about the space time continuum STOP and with universal language of culture and arts STOP regardless of past millenniums STOP Will your translation will be understandable for ignorant STOP Exhibition will show STOP For myself I’m sure STOP I will feel like in the valley of the Kings STOP In one of those endless false corridors STOP dug deep into solid rock STOP and vivid relief from floor to vault STOP whose only purpose is to fool you whith beauty STOP and as much as possible away from the finish STOP Cryptic treasury STOP in which resides inevitable death STOP Your Friendly STOP


Dragan Djordjevic (MSU Curator)