Bozidar Damjanovski

One of the our first painters of express postmodern vocation.

Damjanovski is still in the early seventies felt the current painting tends toward self-reflection, retrospection their own historical way, according to the review of value deposited in its own treasury. No one of our painters is not like the Damjanovski studied painting traces distance. Arranged in the transparent thematic cycles retrospection Damjanovski, starts from Altamira and ancient Mycenae, following the footsteps of ancient Hellenic and Roman art, scenes the Byzantine spirituality space, evoke the ideals of the Renaissance and the Classicism and reach of modern art of our time.

The paintings of Damjanovski combine thoughtfulness and sensitivity, culture and knowledge, taste and style.

These paintings are charachteristic symbols of dialectical unity of past and present, transience and eternity.


Đorđe Kadijević